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Posted on Saturday 20th September 2014

Yorkshire Water bollards!

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Yorkshire Water dumped signs and bollards

SAM_1837A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call from Yorkshire Water. “It’s about the barriers you reported on Stafford Street”. “Yes” I said, “they are still their making the street look a mess”. “But how many are there?” asked the man from Yorkshire Water. “About a small van load” I replied.

Next day I was rather expecting the pile to have been taken away. No, it was still there. The following day more appeared, and Yorkshire Water started digging yet another hole! They had of course brought new bollards and signs. Oh well I thought, when they finish they will surely remove all the bollards and signs. How wrong can I be! The work has now been finished and the new signs taken away, but the old pile is still littering the side of the road.

Please Yorkshire Water, come and take away your signs and bollards!

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One Response to Yorkshire Water bollards!

  1. Profile photo of Graham Wroe Graham Wroe says:

    I am pleased to say that following about 8 phone conversations with people at Yorkshire Water all the bollards have now been collected!

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