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Posted on Friday 3rd November 2017

Heritage Street Lights- don’t believe the hype!

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Don’t Believe the Hype

A local resident has been told by an Amey manager that that the heritage style lamps to be installed in the Norfolk Road conservation area were only finally agreed three months ago – because a local councillor demanded them.

This is not true. It is only because of the diligence of local residents in November 2016 that we found out that the lamps weren’t going to be a style fitting to the conservation status of the area and as promised by Amey two years previously. As the local councillors knew nothing of this Green Party activists then went investigating. We found out by email on 12 December from John Stonard, the Head of Conservation Design in the City Council that we were due 56 heritage style lamps, ones more in keeping with the C19th stone built housing and listed buildings. They were signed off as part of 1000 heritage lamps on order for Sheffield’s conservation areas as part of the Amey PFI contract in Jan 2013 by Cllr Leigh Bramall and John Stonard himself.

Eventually in January 2017 we got an email from Amey saying they had made a mistake and the heritage lamps would be installed.

Credit needs to go where credit is due. Locals and Green Party activists in Manor Castle have worked together to have our lighting put back. Don’t believe the hype.

Brian Holmshaw
Sheffield Green Party
Norfolk Road resident

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