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Posted on Friday 17th February 2017

Save Eastern Avenue Job Centre

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  • The Government has announced its intention to close Eastern Avenue Jobcentre plus which serves people living in Manor Castle, and Arbourthorne as well as Intake and Frecheville areas. The closure will mean the loss of 70 much needed jobs and also hit those who use the Eastern Avenue Jobcentre. In future they will have to travel over 6 miles there and back to jobcentres in the city. The consultation document issued by the Government is here, The Government believes it is reasonable for clients to travel up to 3 miles or 20 minutes by public transport to access services at the new centres.
  • The annex to their own consultation paper says that the nearest job centre in the city is 3 miles and 24 minutes by public transport from Eastern Avenue. This does not allow for the heavy traffic which can often delay bus services entering the city centre. So clients who use public transport, if they can afford it, could well end up being late at the the jobcentre and ending up with a sanction. How are those who suffer from a disability supposed to walk 3 miles into the city centre and then 3 miles back uphill to Manor or Arbourthorne?
  • Manor Castle Green Party believes this proposed closure is not in the best interests of local residents and hopes that as many people as possible will set out their objections to the Government’s action, including our local councillors and MPs. The consultation closes at 5pm on 28th February.

There is a letter in the Star (published 17.2.17) from Tom Bishell of the PCS Union here. (you need to scroll down as several letters are on the same page.)

Star article here.

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