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Posted on Saturday 4th February 2017

Urgent need for meeting to discuss Streets Ahead issues

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Dear Mr Staniforth, Cllrs Fox, Banes and Midgley

Manor Castle Greens are currently very concerned by various issues around the streets ahead project, to do with trees and streetlights.

The lack of consultation with residents on both these issues has been inexcusable. To address this we are urgently requesting a public meeting involving the Streets Ahead team and the local councillors. This needs to happen as soon as possible, to deal with residents concerns over the streetlights and trees.

As regards streetlights we are pleased that the complaint from Brian Holmshaw was listened to and it has been agreed that 57 heritage style lights will be installed in the Norfolk Road Conservation area. However it is still not clear where these lights will be placed and what the criteria is for a street to qualify for them. Please can you send me a map showing the positions of the 57 lights?

We gather Fitzwalter Road has not been included in the provision of street lights. Please explain why not. Placing the ordinary lights here will further add to the myth that Fitzwalter Road is a “main road” rather than a residential street, encouraging drivers to speed. This road urgently needs to be part of a 20mph zone to discourage speeding traffic.

Also we gather lights near the historic Gin Stables will not be heritage. This decision should urgently be reconsidered.

Residents are also very concerned by the lack of care of the workmen. Barriers have been left dumped since before Christmas on Claywood Drive. Lighting holes in pavements have been left unfilled for weeks. Residents are having to walk in the road on Donnington Road, with pavements on both sides blocked with barriers.
As for trees, Save Norfolk Park Trees have identified 6 trees that have been identified for felling that an independent ecologist says are perfectly healthy and should be saved. They are listed in the petition that can be found here.


Please can you urgently send me the reports on these trees that show why you believe they should be felled? Please can you explain why in the case of the Sycamores on Seabrook Road and Tylney Road, that alternative solutions such as Flexi-pave can not be used?

I previously asked Councillors to check if a mistake has been made on Tylney Road as another tree which is not on the felling list, is disrupting the pavement considerably more than the one picked for felling. I am still waiting for a reply to this question.

Yours sincerely

Graham Wroe

Manor Castle Green Party

2 Responses to Urgent need for meeting to discuss Streets Ahead issues

  1. Graham Wroe says:

    I have had one reply from Cllr Terry Fox. Unfortunately he doesn’t answer any of my questions.

    Dear Mr Wroe
    Many thanks for your e mail, I note your Green political party manifesto for our area, but of course I don’t agree with it.

    I also note that you’ve asked Streetsahead a number of questions, I hope this is as a local resident and not a political point scoring, due to this being unfair in bringing officers into dispute.

    I will of course monitor Andrew Staniforth replies and act accordingly.

    Regards Terry

    Councillor for Manor Castle Ward

  2. Graham Wroe says:

    Here is a holding response from Streets Ahead.
    Dear Mr Wroe

    Thank you for your email dated 4 February 2017.

    It is our aim to provide a full response to all questions and requests for information within 7 days of receipt.

    Unfortunately, on this occasion it has not been possible for us to do this as your enquiry is more complex and requires an in depth investigation.

    Please be assured your enquiry regarding Streets Ahead works in B64 Norfolk Park is being investigated and you should receive a full reply within 28 days.

    Thank you for your continued patience.

    Kind regards

    Should you have any queries or need further advice please use the following contact details:

    Customer Services (Amey)
    Tel: 0114 273 4567

    Follow us on twitter @sccstreetsahead

    For more information on the Streets Ahead Contract please visit our dedicated webpages at:

    This is not satisfactory! In 28 days the streetlight work may all be finished and trees may all be felled.

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