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Posted on Saturday 10th December 2016

Here are the threatened trees around Norfolk Park

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nptree-logoHere is a complete catalogue of all the currently threatened trees in the Norfolk Park area. If you are an arboriculturist I would value your thoughts on which of these trees should be replaced and which we should campaign to save. Please comment on the page below or on the Save Norfolk Park Trees facebook page. 

Trees in Manor Castle Ward

Donnington Road


Holdings Road


Tylney Road


7 Tylney Road Acer. Damage to surface.


7 Tylney Road Acer. Damage to surface.


10 Tylney Road Dying Celtis australis. Needs replacing.


26 Tylney Road Gleditsia triacanthos Sunburs. Damaging Surface.


26 Tylney Road Gleditsia triacanthos Sunburs. Damaging Surface.



Seabrook Road


Seabrook Road -Acer-damaging to surface.


Seabrook Road-Acer. Damaging to surrface.












Trees in neighbouring Arbourthorne Ward

Norfolk Park Road


Park Spring Drive


Park Spring Way


Guildford Avenue


St Aidan’s Way


2 Responses to Here are the threatened trees around Norfolk Park

  1. Mrs Eileen Maher says:

    Dear Green Party. I live on Tylney Rd and disagree with you about the old sycamores. When I moved into the road in 1963 they were about level with the gutters on the houses, they are now well beyond that, with huge roots.
    About 12 years ago new trees were planted to replace old sycamores. We were assured that the new trees were miniatures and would not grow very tall. THEY ARE NOW ABOVE THE ROOFS AND ENTANGLED IN THE PHONE WIRES. These trees are lovely but need pruning. I love trees, but they need keeping in shape.
    The old sycamores produce tons of seeds which seem to end up in gutters. It costs me £120 every other year ti have my gutters cleaned out. They should be taken down and new trees planted, in my opinion.
    E A Maher.

  2. Graham Wroe says:

    Dear Mrs Maher
    Thanks for your comments. You may well be right that the Sycamores need pruning especially if they may damage phone lines. But that does not mean they should be destroyed. Our area has very few street trees. Mature trees do an amazing job cleaning the air we breathe, providing homes for birds and insects, preventing flooding in heavy rain and cooling us in heatwaves.They also improve our feeling of well being. Small replacement trees won’t offer the same services for 30 or more years.

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