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Posted on Sunday 27th November 2016

Tree felling planned for our area. Please return your surveys and object!

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Many street trees in our area are threatened with felling by the Council. If you live in any of the streets featured in the map you should soon get a survey from the Council. It may look like junk mail, so please look out for it, fill it in and return it. Many of the trees are said to be “damaging”. This usually means there is slight disturbance to the pavement, which could easily be rectified with a little careful planning and thought. However it is cheaper for Amey to cut the trees down, so that is what they want to do.  Please ask that trees that are “damaging” (the red ones on the map) are retained and that other engineering solutions to the pavement are employed to protect the trees. If you live near a tree that is said to be dangerous (blue on the map) you may want to get a second opinion on this. Tree experts often disagree with Amey’s view of what is dangerous.

Recent reports from the Independent Tree Panel have declared that trees should be saved, but Amey have still chopped them down anyway. If we are to save our trees we need to get organised quickly and be prepared to take direct action, such as standing under the tree when the workmen come.


This map shows the position of trees the Council want to fell in the next phase. See the full map of Sheffield here

Please talk to your neighbours about this and share this post on social media.

If you want to get involved in a campaign to save the trees please join STAG on Facebook and contact me at

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