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Posted on Saturday 15th October 2016

Sky Edge litter pick

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oct16litterpickThe next Friends of Sheaf Valley Park litter pick is going to tackle Sky Edge. The regular litter picks are having a massive impact on our community- I hope you have noticed the reduction in litter since they have started. Please support the litter pick if you are available. Lets also try to challenge those that we see dropping litter. It is possible to change culture, as we have seen with smoking in pubs for instance. Dropping litter is totally unacceptable behaviour and those that do it need to be educated. I was very impressed recently by a bus driver on Granville Road. A young lad was running for the bus and threw a plastic bottle vaguely in the direction of the litter bin. The bus driver told him to go back and put it in the bin properly which he did. If we all challenge the litter droppers it will soon transform our area.

Download the poster here (pdf)




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