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Posted on Saturday 10th September 2016

Beesley Corporation urged to sort out dangerous Wybourn tip.

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Manor Castle Greens have written to the liquidators  for Sheffield Recycling Services, the Beesley Corporation, demanding action on the Wybourn tip.
The Managing Director
Beesley Corporate Solutions
cc Environment Agency, Councillor Bryan Lodge, Manor Castle Councillors.
Dear Sir/Madam
Local residents near the tip at Cricket Inn Road, Wybourn, Sheffield, formerly run by Sheffield Recycling Services are very concerned by problems at this site. We are aware that the Environment Agency has served notice to you to clear the site. As liquidators you have a responsibility to ensure the site is safe. Please inform us
1. Why hasn’t the site been securely fenced? When will this be done?
2. Why has no progress yet been made in removing the waste. When will you start to do this?
3. What is the origin of the tall mound of waste? Is this just soil or does it include any more dangerous materials?
We feel you are lucky that a serious accident has not yet occurred at the site. With nothing to stop young people entering and playing in the wrecked cars or climbing on the mound of waste this is an accident waiting to happen.
We first started to raise concerns about this in April and are dismayed it has dragged on for so long. We are detailing the lack of progress on our website which you will find at Manor Castle Greens .
Yours faithfully
Graham Wroe
Manor Castle Green Party
Meanwhile this article appeared in this weeks Sheffield Telegraph. The title “Action being taken” is rather questionable after half a year of inaction!telegraph080916

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