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Posted on Sunday 26th June 2016

Environment Agency responds to Wybourn waste problem-but still no action

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Here is the response from the Environment Agency on the Wybourn Waste tip. They say that because Sheffield Recycling Services are now in administration they have limited powers to enforce action. Basically they are passing the buck to Sheffield City Council and the Health and Safety Executive. I have written to all 3 local councillors but have not yet a reply from them, so today am writing to the Council leader Julie Dore and the Health and Safety Executive. The Environment Agency continue to conduct an investigation into Sheffield Recycling Services so we look forward to hearing the results of this. Meanwhile I am afraid the people of Wybourn have to continue to put up with this on their doorstep.



3 Responses to Environment Agency responds to Wybourn waste problem-but still no action

  1. Graham Wroe says:

    Reply from Julie Dore’s office.
    “Thank you for your email dated 26th June 2016 setting out the concerns of residents on the Wybourn Estate about the waste tip on Cricket Inn Road/Nunnery Drive.

    We have forwarded your correspondence to Councillor Bryan Lodge, Cabinet Member for the Environment asking him to look into your concerns and respond direct to you.”

  2. Profile photo of Graham Wroe Graham Wroe says:

    Response from Bryan Lodge

    We are aware of the site and have been in contact with the Environment Agency (EA) to discuss the issues and plans to deal with the waste on site. As the EA is the lead regulator it is they who are driving the contact and negotiations with the site administrators in working up an effective plan. Our role will be to support that process wherever it is necessary, however, we will not duplicate their effort. The option for the Council to take formal planning enforcement action to reduce the height of the waste stack is not currently an option given that in essence, there is no owner. Should a new owner come forward then we will consider again whether that is option to be progressed. Nonetheless we don’t wish to duplicate any remedial steps that the EA is undertaking.

    The plan for the site should be firstly to make the site safe and secure. The removal of the waste will be a longer term series of actions by the administrators / site owners.

    Thank you for advising us of your contact with the Health and Safety Executive. I would be interested to hear of their response to you. We will also contact them to see if there is any advice that they may wish to give the EA and us. The Council, EA and the administrators representatives will be meeting again in early July to determine progress and next steps.

    I hope that answers your question.

    Many thanks

    Councillor Bryan Lodge

  3. Profile photo of Graham Wroe Graham Wroe says:

    And my reply

    Dear Joanne

    Thank you for your letter. You asked to see my response from the HSE. I have pasted it to the bottom of this email.

    I really do think some action should have been taken by now, at least to make the site secure. It must be a huge temptation to youth on the Wybourn to try to climb it. All my emails I have received on this seem to be passing the buck to someone else. Someone urgently needs to take responsibility.

    Yours sincerely

    Graham Wroe

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