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Posted on Tuesday 19th April 2016

Why the 1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice on the leaflet?

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People are asking me why we have specified our first choice, second choice and third choice candidates.

Everyone has three votes in this election because we are electing three councillors. This means that you have three choices to make, and they do not need to be all for the same party. If your choice of party is only fielding one candidate, or you do not feel that one or more of their candidates represents you, then you can change one or more of your votes to a real alternative, like the Green Party. By putting our candidates in order of priority, we are able to maximize our chances of being able to represent you in Sheffield Council.

It was this situation that led to the election of our very first councillor, Jillian Creasy back in 2004.  We believe this election will see big gains for the Green Party as we make breakthroughs in new wards, and hope to have our first councillor in Manor Castle to get local residents’ views heard on important issues such as housing, buses, fuel poverty, air quality street trees and more.

Here is our list of candidates, who all live in the ward, in order of preference:

Graham Wroe 1st Choice Green Party candidate


Susi Liles Green Party 2nd Choice candidate.


Malcolm Liles Green Party 3rd choice candidate.


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