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Posted on Thursday 11th February 2016

Trees on Donnington Road

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A tree in poor health at the rear of 55 Norfolk Park Avenue

A tree in poor health at the rear of 55 Norfolk Park Avenue

Like Tylney and Seabrook Road, many of the trees on Donnington Road (and the rear of Norfolk Park Avenue) are disturbing the pavement and could therefore face felling under the streets ahead project.

There is one tree that is clearly in a poor state, at the rear of 55 Norfolk Park Avenue. Amey say this will be replaced by a Sorbus x Arnoldiana, a Rowan tree of the Mountain Ash family. It is good that this will be replaced- are residents happy with the choice of replacement?

The possibility of other healthy trees being felled on this road is very concerning. The Council has recently been served with a High Court injunction that prevents them felling healthy trees for three months. Tree campaigners hope to force the Council to change their current policy of felling healthy trees for reasons such as disturbance to the pavement, as there are many other solutions to these problems that don’t involve felling the tree. Manor Castle Greens recommend residents on Donnington Road and Norfolk Park Avenue start to act now to protect their trees. You can join STAG on Facebook, find out more about the issues, take photographs of your trees and talk about it with your neighbours. Then you will be much better prepared if you are given short notice that many of your trees are to be felled.

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