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Posted on Monday 23rd November 2015

What are our Councillors doing?

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42withpostersmallThe following email was sent to all the Manor Castle Ward Councillors on November 11th. So far nearly two weeks later, no replies have been received.

Dear Terry, Pat and Jenny
I gather from Amey that 4 mature trees on Prince of Wales Road are scheduled to be felled by Amey before December 4th. According to Amey  these trees are in “a poor structural condition” and one has “stem decay”. Island Lescure, an independent arboricultualist, has examined 3 of the trees and found them all to be in a “fair” condition. He is going to look at the other one soon. You can find more details in recent posts on the Manor Castle Greens blog. Please can you ask Amey to re-examine these trees to make sure they have not made a mistake? Please can they be referred to the new tree panel?
Manor Castle Green Party

One Response to What are our Councillors doing?

  1. I would expect that an arboricultualist would understand, but for those employed by Amey it seems, that most any tree you examine would have some type of structural conditions and decay as the normal growth and maturing and not reason to fell a tree; and to classify a healthy tree as either mature and over mature is nonsense and spin to give reason to fell a tree. Now 3,500 tress have been felled many of which were healthy.

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