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Posted on Friday 7th August 2015

Honourable Friends? Parliament and the Fight for Change.

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honourablefriendsHonourable Friends is the story of the first 5 years of Caroline Lucas’ time in Parliament. It is essential reading for all Green activists. It is easy to read and is a fascinating insight into the workings of Parliament and how Caroline is leading the fight to change it.

Local interest includes using Rotherham Council as an example of where our first past the post electoral system is broken due to the lack of scrutiny. Former Brightside MP David Blunkett gets a mention as does Nick Clegg’s role in the coalition.

Perhaps the most interesting chapter is the description of Caroline’s arrest and trial following the fracking protest at Balcombe. I for one am proud to support an MP who gets arrested for her principles. It makes a pleasant change to all the others arrested for their corruption!

See the Guardian review here

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