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Posted on Wednesday 4th March 2015

Liverpool Conference. Further Education policy to be updated.

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Graham at Sheffield City College

Graham at Sheffield City College

Graham is off to Green Party conference at the weekend and will be supporting moves to update the Green Party policy on Further Education. This week the Government have announced massive 24% cuts to the Adult Education budget. Please sign the UCU petition here. The Greens want to change FE  for the better. New policies that will be debated at conference include

  • Increase Funding for colleges to bring them in line with schools.
  • Democratic control of colleges through local authorities.
  • Re-introduce the Education Maintenance Allowance to support students.
  • Stronger representation of students and Trade Unions in college committees.
  • Increase lecturers pay to bring them back in line with school teachers.

I will report back later!

Footnote-very pleased with the new Further and Higher Education policy but it is not yet on the Policy website so can’t share it with you yet. However it includes all the above points in this article.

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