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Posted on Monday 6th October 2014

Petition for a Pelican Crossing at Duke Street/Talbot Street/Bernard Road junction

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It is very difficult for pedestrians to cross this junction. With no pedestrian filter walkers have to take their life in their hands to cross the road. According to there have been 16 incidents at this junction in recent years one involving serious injury. The junction is very close to 2 Health Centres and elderly people’s accommodation. Many elderly people do not attempt to cross the road as it is too frightening for them. The Council should ensure the junction is safe for pedestrians to cross by installing pelican crossings. Please sign this petition.

Sheffield City Council should install a pelican crossing at the junction of Duke Street, Bernard Street and Talbot Street. Petition | GoPetition

Download a paper petition and ask your friends and neighbours to sign Petition to Sheffield City Council



Local resident Geoff Richardson writes
“Due to a lot of right turning traffic this junction is particularly difficult to cross  and you have to look in all directions . Vehicles turning left from Bernard St to turn up Duke St are not traffic light controlled so slip through and give way so there is always traffic moving often they do not signal so pedestrians can not tell whether the vehicles are going forward through the lights to Talbot St or turning left but the right turners coming down Duke St are the most problematic along with the occasional left turner coming up Duke St turning into Bernard st that can take you by surprise.”

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