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Posted on Friday 23rd May 2014

Thank you for voting Green in Manor Castle. A strong second place!

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Here are the results from the count. A great improvement on 2 years ago, with a clear second place and over 16% of the vote.

Manor Castle Ward 2014

Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Terry Fox 2093 59.7 -12.6
Green  Graham Wroe 580 16.5 +7.8
TUSC Alistair Tice 356 10.1 na
Conservative Jack McGill 288 8.2 +4.8
Liberal Democrat Michael Shaw 189 5.4 -0.3
Majority 1513
 Labour hold. Turnout 25.7%

Many thanks to everyone who helped the campaign in any way, whether it was delivering newspapers, displaying posters and vote green placards, supporting the campaign on social media, giving your hard earned cash or simply talking to your friends and telling them to vote Green. Sheffield Greens are moving from strength to strength and now have a record 4 councillors. Sarah Jane Smalley was elected in Central Ward and Brian Webster was elected in Broomhill, both with healthy majorities. We got a good second place in Nether Edge with 22.7% of the vote and lots of third places around the city.

The Greens are ambitious in Sheffield and want to continue this winning trend. To do this we need more members, supporters and funders. If it felt good to vote Green yesterday, why not join us and get involved? As a democratic party you will be able to influence our priorities and policies. Or if life is already too busy to find time for meetings your donations could make all the difference to our campaigns.

Many thanks again for your support. Let’s keep turning Sheffield Green, with the politics of hope, opposing the politics of xenophobia and racism that are so much on the rise.

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