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Posted on Friday 16th May 2014

No mention of Park Library in the Labour election leaflet.

Font not the right size?    

I have received a very large (A2) election leaflet from Terry Fox, my Labour candidate. With all that space you’d think there would be plenty of room to detail what Terry will do for his constituents if he is elected. It tells us some of the things he has done as a Councillor, it tells us how awful UKIP are and it tells us some of the things a Labour Government propose to do if they are elected next year. But it tells us absolutely nothing about what Terry Fox and a Labour Council will do this year if he is elected.


What is most significant is that it does not even mention Park Library.  There is no apology from Terry for voting to remove the funding from the library. There is no recognition of the hard work put in by the Save Park Library Campaign. There is not even any suggestion of how Terry will help Park Community Action to successfully run the library with the help of volunteers. So the hidden message is very clear. Elect Labour Councillors and they will continue to cut our vital services.

First they came for the libraries….what will be next?

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