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Posted on Friday 28th March 2014

Park Library latest

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I went to the Council meeting where the budget was set. Despite the Green Party proposal which would have saved all the libraries and stopped some of the dangerous cuts to social care, Labour voted through their cuts budget. You can read more about it here.

95 year old falls victim to the cuts

Green budget to cut fuel bills and make roads safer

Green budget to protect services

Less than 50p a week to save libraries and services

So where does this leave Park Library? It means the librarians will be made redundant and if the library is to be saved volunteers have to be found to run the service. Park Community Action have taken the lead on this and have published this leaflet to try to find volunteers that may be able to help. (click to enlarge)

parklibraryleaflet1 parklibraryleaflet2

I have to say that I am not confident this strategy will work. However this now seems to be the only hope to save the library until we get more sensible people to look after our interests at the Town Hall. So in the interests of the library, if you have got time/skills to offer then please do volunteer. But when it comes to the elections remember what the Labour Party are doing to our local services.

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