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Posted on Sunday 25th September 2011

Go Solar!

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Great toClaywood Road solar panels see new solar panels appearing around the area. These are particularly noticeable as they are on a house on Claywood Road, just above the new ampitheatre, so can be seen from the city centre.


The Guardian recently heralded Sheffield for being top of the league when it comes to installing solar panels. Well done Sheffielders! But we urgently need to accelerate the rate we are installing renewables. Oil will soon peak in production, so energy prices will go through the roof. Nuclear is not a safe alternative, and even if it was it will take a decade to get new plants on-line. Renewables are safe and clean and devolve power production to the local community. The feed in tarrifs now mean that if you’ve got a south facing roof and money in the bank you are far better investing it in solar panels than leaving it in the bank to earn a meagre interest rate. Now is the time to go solar!

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