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Posted on Tuesday 2nd August 2011

Manor Lodge School derelict building now being re-developed

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I have been very concerned to watch the gradual dereliction of this fine old building, which has special memories for me as my three kids all went to school there. So it’s good to see that work has at last started to save it. I must admit though that I am disappointed that it is going to be another fast food establishment. There is no room for Community buildings in David Camerons Big Privatised Society! However it does sound as if Kebabish have got some things right. They claim to cook healthy grilled food using locally sourced produce. Here is what it says on their website.

“We like to do things differently, cooked to order grilled food prepared on an open plan charcoal grill
producing that unmistakeable BBQ taste…just like your garden barby minus the raincoats & brolleys.
We have got all your favourites from grilled lamb chops & spit-roasted whole chicken to succulent
char-grilled steaks and kebabs all grilled to perfection providing a varied choice and a healthy but
delicious option which makes eating out healthily a piece of kebab!
Pleasure without the pain? We do just that. Our Grill menu provides a well balanced meal thats lower
in fat & high in protein without making any taste compromises. Great tasting nutrious food – look good and feel good! Our menu is a source of particular pride, we don’t have any gimmicks or exotic sounding curries from a far flung corner of india – just authentic dishes which are distiguishable and unique. All our dishes are prepared using only the freshest ingredients, never frozen, sourced locally. All our curries can be alternatively prepared using olive oil at no extra cost – just inform you server when ordering.

I might be tempted to give it a try!

I do wonder however if they got permission to cut down the trees, although I do appreciate they were very close to the building. Does anyone know more about this?

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