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Posted on Tuesday 5th July 2011

20mph now!

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The Labour Party are at last considering introducing a 20mph limit in the roads around Fitzwalter Road. They are still concerned about the 5 way junction as so many drivers are ignoring the new road layout and dangerously driving over the red area. Please write to the Labour Party telling them what a good idea 20’s plenty is! Their address is

They also want to know if the junction has improved since the work was carried out, and if there is anything else that can be done. I think the junction is better, but we need a physical obstacle to stop drivers cutting across the red area. Ideally this would be a big planter with a nice display of flowers, but a bollard could less attractively do the same job.

The main advantage to the new road layout is that when there is a collision caused by speeding traffic turning from Fitzwalter to Stafford Road it will now be clear whose fault it is! Traffic waiting to come out of Glencoe Road are still in danger of being hit by reckless drivers, but at least the Give Way lines are now in a position that they can clearly see approaching traffic. A 20mph zone will reduce these risks.

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