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Posted on Sunday 20th March 2011

Local Elections May 5th

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I will be standing again in the local elections on May 5th. If you can help the campaign in any way please get in touch. I would like people to

1. offer to deliver some leaflets

2.display a Vote Green placard in their garden

3. display a Vote Green poster in their window

4. show support using Facebook/Twitter etc

5. even better, join the Green Party and help shape our future campaigns.

If you belong to a local organisation like a Church/Mosque/Club why don’t you organise a hustings? The level of debate in local elections in Sheffield is appalling and often people don’t know who they are voting for. I am particularly appalled by candidates who turn up at election time but haven’t attended Community Assembly meetings or other important local meetings all year. These people aren’t really interested in our community, they are just trying to make a career for themselves in politics. It would be really helpful if local organisations organised hustings so that the local people can meet the candidates and make much more informed decisions when they vote.



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