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Posted on Sunday 30th January 2011

New plans for Norfolk Park Road/Granville Road

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Here are the latest plans for Norfolk Park Avenue. I would be very interested to hear what local people think. If you want to object you need to do so before 25th February.


The letter from the Council says

Development Services

Director: L Sturch, MRTPI

Traffic Section: 2-10 Carbrook Hall Road   Sheffield   S9 2DB

E-mail:    Fax: (0114) 273 6182


Officer: Mr M Longstaff                                Tel: (0114) 2736170

Ref: TM/ED02837/ML/07                            Date: 28 January 2011

The Occupier

Dear Sir/Madam

‘Building Schools for the Future’ Initiative

All Saints R.C. School/Seven Hills School

Traffic Regulation Order

You may recall my colleague Tony Lawery wrote to you on 14th June and the 6th September 2010 providing details of the proposed highway works relating to the planning consent for the new schools and seeking your views. The responses received to the proposed measures were very positive, and it was encouraging to see that a majority decision was reached on the direction of the one-way traffic operation proposed on Norfolk Park Road.

Overall 74% of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that the one-way arrangement on Norfolk Park Road should operate in a north easterly direction (i.e. towards Granville Road).

The two previous consultation exercises have allowed us to listen, develop and adapt the original scheme, shaping the proposals to produce a scheme that meets not only planning requirements but resident requirements. You will notice on the attached drawing no. TM-ED02837-C3 that the preferred one-way arrangement has been included with its ‘gateway’ repositioned, along with the relocation of the proposed toucan crossing on Granville Road and the removal of the zebra crossing on Norfolk Park Road. All these changes are as a result of comments received to our consultations.

The overall proposals developed to address theses highway issues are shown on the attached drawing no. TM-ED02837-C3. You will note that a number of changes to double yellow lines (waiting restrictions) are required to accommodate some of the proposed highway works. This, along with the one-way arrangement and traffic calming measures, will require the making of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). The TRO will be advertised by means of notices displayed on-street and a public notice to be published in the Sheffield Star on Friday 28th January 2011.

Please note that if you wish to object you must do so in writing to the address shown giving the grounds for your objection. The consultation period is open for 3 weeks and closes on Friday 25th February 2011.

Yours faithfully

M Longstaff

Technician, Traffic Management

Transport & Highways Division

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