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Posted on Monday 6th December 2010

Important meeting this Thursday

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The meeting to decide the best way to improve safety at the Fitzwalter/Stafford/Glencoe Road junction is this Thursday at 4.30 at Victoria Methodist, Stafford Road. Please make a big effort to get to this meeting.

It will be followed by a Community Assembly meeting at 5.30. The agenda includes an update on Park Hill flats, recycling, Park Centre and petitions/questions brought by the public.

The Green Party tabled a motion to the last full council meeting suggesting that residents should be given the choice to use the blue bin for paper and card or glass/plastic/cans. Labour supported this, so the Lib Dems have now accepted it too.

This is followed on Friday by the latest RASC protest. We will be singing “Carols” at the station from 4.30pm.

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