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Posted on Friday 12th November 2010

Stafford/Fitzwalter/Glencoe Road Junction

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There is to be a meeting about the proposed works at this junction this Wednesday 17 Nov
5.30 til 7.00 Victoria Centre, Stafford Road
Councillor Jenny Armstrong is taking the lead in organising.The local area was supposed to be getting a leaflet, but I haven’t seen one yet! Please pass this information on to friends and neighbours.

Please come along and have your say. Long term readers of this blog will know that I have been campaigning for a mini roundabout at this junction for many years. I still think that would be a much better solution than the proposed re-routing of Glencoe Road into Stafford Road, which I think will not persuade drivers to slow down on Fitzwalter Road and will further frustrate drivers trying to turn out of Stafford or Glencoe Roads into Fitzwalter Road. I have talked to lots of residents about this and there are lots of other ideas. Some have suggested making some roads one way, or simply blocking off one end of the road. I hope all the different suggestions will be considered at the meeting.

Another improvement we would welcome is making all the local residential streets a 20mph zone. There is campaign working for this called 20’s Plenty. Please support it and suggest this idea at the meeting!

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