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Posted on Tuesday 9th November 2010


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I am not talking about the “Ginger Rodent”, but real live rats! I have heard various stories recently of people seeing rats in their garden, on their compost heap and in one case in their cellar. I think many have fled from the works on Sheaf Valley Park, so they have tried to find new homes higher up the hill. The situation is not helped by the Councils’ rediculous decision to start charging householders for pest control. Since this was brought in call outs for the pest control service have halved! One wonders what has happened to the rat population across the city, but if this area is anything to go by it is certainly booming. What may not be common knowledge is that a booming rat population is related to climate change. We have been experiencing generally milder winters, so more rats survive each year. Here are a few links to rat stories. If you have seen rats in your garden please do something about it, and use this page to share knowledge about them. Please read the advice from the Council on how to prevent rats and act on it.

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Rats within the city of Sheffield (Council Report) Jan 2008

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I wonder why it is that when I added “rats” to the list of categories for this blog it automatically suggested I should add “Liberal Democrats”!

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