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Posted on Monday 11th October 2010

Sheffielder’s wont fall for the “Big Society”

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I was very surprised to receive this election leaflet from the Conservatives at the weekend. I think it’s a first for the Tories to be delivering leaflets here for a local election. The “local” candidate (who lives in Dore!!!) doesn’t really help her case by trying to explain the “Big Society”. I think Sheffielders have already seen right through this Tory ploy. The Big Society is an excuse to make massive cuts in public services and then ask our already overworked and stressed population to pick up the pieces by “volunteering” to fill the gaps that the  sacked public servants will leave.

Christina Stark also says the only alternative to the cuts is higher taxes. That’s not true. There are many cuts that the majority of the population would welcome. If we weren’t spending billions on Trident submarines and fighting wars in the middle east we would have more money for our schools and hospitals. If we taxed the rich more and implemented a “Robin Hood tax” on financial transactions there would be far more money for benefits and social care. It’s all a case of priorities. You can choose to vote for a more equal society by voting Green- or you can choose the swinging cuts that will hurt the most vulnerable by voting Tory or their Lib Dem coalition partners.

See what Caroline Lucas has to say about the Big Society here.

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