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Posted on Wednesday 6th October 2010

500 premature deaths a year due to pollution in Sheffield

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Dr Jeremy Wight has reported that Sheffield suffers 500 premature deaths as a result of air pollution. Surely it is time to combat this menace.

It is here in the inner city where life expectancy is reduced by as much as 9 years. Many people in Manor Castle can’t afford to drive a car, but we all suffer from the pollution of drivers who commute from the “white highlands” through our area to the city centre. We also suffer from the pollution from factories, while those with plenty of money commute back out to the fresh air of the Peak District or expensive suburbs. Sheffield’s geography doesn’t help, with the pollution often hanging in the 5 valleys.

A good start would be to bring the buses back into Council control. When I first came to Sheffield the fare from Totley to town was 11p! We need to subsidise the fares again, making it cheaper to do the right thing for the environment. It’s not surprising that people choose cars rather than public transport when this mode of transport is cheaper for them- but it is not cheaper for the planet, or better for people’s health.

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