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Posted on Friday 1st October 2010

10:10 “No Pressure” massive error

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I was sickened today to see the new 10:10 video.  As I and many others protested, it has now been removed from their website. I think it may prove to be the biggest own goal the green movement has scored since David Icke came out with his bizarre conspiracy theories.

For those that haven’t seen it, the film starts with a teacher discussing climate change with her class. She asks who wants to get involved in the campaign, and then who doesn’t. She then presses a red button and the uncooperative children are blown to smitherines, splattering blood across the rest of the pupils. The video moves on to similar scenes in an office and at the Tottenham training ground, with similar bloody results.

Obviously the video isn’t advocating violence. But our enemies will read it that way and portray us as terrorists and suicide bombers. The Green movement has a proud history of opposing violence. We have opposed the recent wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq and take our lead from great peacemakers like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Videos portraying us as indiscriminately blowing up our opponents send all the wrong messages. I am pleased 10:10 have taken the video off the website, but there are already lots of versions doing the rounds of the social network sites so there is no stopping it now.

I am withdrawing my support for this organisation as I  no longer trust its leaders to make sensible decisions in the urgent battle to win over hearts and minds to protect our planet.

One Response to 10:10 “No Pressure” massive error

  1. Hans Moser says:

    wow twothousandten, last comment.
    See it as a message. David Icke losts his credibility by talking such
    nonsense of reptilian Shapeshifterstuff or something like that.
    I dont think hes a realbad guy, more idealistic blended and a little bit
    stopped by natural drugs.
    Stay clean, a left one,

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