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Posted on Tuesday 28th September 2010

By-election candidates

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Graham Wroe and Caroline Lucas MP

Graham Wroe and Caroline Lucas MP

Only four candidates have been nominated for the by-election on October 21st, and I am the only candidate that lives in the ward.

The Lib Dem candidate is Robbie Cowbury who lives in the city centre. One wonders what has happened to former local candidate Dave Croft? The Labour Candidate is former councillor Terry Fox who lost his seat in Gleadless Valley in 2004 and now lives in S9. Terry is “old Labour” and a big supporter of the coal industry. His partner is already a Councillor. The Tory candidate is my former neighbour Christina Stark who has moved to  Dore.

The full list of nominations is here.

It’s pleasing to see we have no far right candidates. At the last election count I confronted the BNP candidate and told him in no uncertain terms that his politics of hate were not welcome in Manor Castle. Maybe they got the message.

Hope not Hate are currently organising a competition to help rebrand the BNP. The BNP  recently announced that it is seeking to rebrand itself with a new logo and look following its disastrous May election campaign. Hope not Hate want your ideas of how they should be portayed!

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