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Posted on Saturday 25th September 2010

Fitzwalter Road/Stafford Road/Glencoe Road junction

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plans for 5 way junction

I have just written to the Council Officer concerning the proposed Highway Works  at this junction. Please write too if you are concerned about this. His email address is

Dear Mr Longstaff

I write concerning the proposed highway works at the Glencoe/Stafford/Fitzwalter Road junction. As someone who lives on Glencoe Road and has in the past organised petitions and spoken at a Council meeting on this issue I am very surprised to not have been included in the consultation. I have also searched for the plans on the Council website but have been unable to find them. It seems clear to me that the consultation arrangements have been completely inadequate.Please can you ensure that all the residents that regularly use this junction have been consulted- I would suggest everyone that lives in the area bounded by  Granville Road/City Road/Norfolk Road and Talbot Street.

I am not at all convinced that the proposed changes will have any beneficial effects, apart from making it slightly easier for pedestrians to cross the road where it is narrower. I believe it will still be difficult for cars approaching the junction from Glencoe Road at busy times, as there is usually a constant queue of traffic approaching the junction from the City Road end of Stafford Road, so traffic will be unable to exit from Glencoe Road. The scheme will not slow down traffic on Fitzwalter Road, in fact it may even encourage drivers to speed more as they will no longer have to worry about traffic from Glencoe Road.

How much money are the proposed works going to cost? And how much would it cost to install a mini roundabout?

I still believe it would be much better to

A. install a mini roundabout at this junction, hence forcing speeding traffic on Fitzwalter Road to slow down and enabling traffic from Glencoe Road and Stafford Road to have a clear view of oncoming traffic before they cross the Give Way lines.

B Create a 20mph speed limit in all the surrounding residential streets.

Yours sincerely

Graham Wroe

Manor Castle Green Party

Here is the letter that has been sent to a very limited number of houses in our area.

Development Services

Director: L Sturch, MRTPI

Traffic Section: 2-10 Carbrook Hall Road   Sheffield   S9 2DB

E-mail:       Fax: (0114) 273 6182


Officer: A Lawery                                         Tel: (0114) 2736177

Ref: TM/BN880/ML/01                                Date: 14th September 2010

The Occupier

Dear Sir/Madam

East Community Assembly

Junction Improvement Scheme

Fitzwalter Road/Glencoe Road/Stafford Road

As part of its commitment to improving road safety, Sheffield City Council has drawn up proposals in association with the East Community Assembly to improve crossing facilities for pedestrians and address potentially dangerous vehicle manoeuvres at the junction of Fitzwalter Road/Glencoe Road/Stafford Road. These proposals will provide a simplified staggered junction arrangement with build-outs to improve visibility for pedestrians, whilst rationalising the junction for vehicles.

The proposals developed to address these highway issues are shown on the attached drawing no. TM-BN880-4-C1. Your views are important to us and, accordingly, I should be grateful if you would complete the attached response form and return it before 4th October 2010 in the pre-paid envelope provided (no stamp required).

You will note that a number of changes to double yellow lines (waiting restrictions) are required to accommodate some of the proposed highway works. This will require the making of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). The TRO will be advertised by means of notices displayed on-street and a public notice to be published in the Sheffield Star. The advertisement date of the TRO is still to be confirmed.

If you require clarification of any details, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0114 2736170, e-mail or Matt Longstaff on 0114 2736177, e-mail

Please ensure you return the response form by 4th October 2010.

Yours faithfully

A Lawery

A large print version of this letter is available by telephoning

(0114) 273 6177

Principal Engineer, Traffic Management

Transport & Highways Division

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