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Posted on Sunday 4th April 2010

Election campaign begins…

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Sorry I have been so quiet lately. I have been getting ready for the election. I am pleased to say it’s nearly ready. Please have a look and give Sam and I some feedback. All we need now is for Gordon Brown to give us a date! I have also been officially accepted as the local election candidate for Manor Castle Ward. We know this election is on May 6th which is why everyone thinks Gordon Brown will call the General Election on the same day. So you are likely to have 2 votes on May 6th. Please vote for Jillian Creasy in the General Election and Graham Wroe in the local election.

If you would like to help with the election campaign there are many different ways you can do this- here are a few ideas.
*Join the Facebook group and tell all your friends about us.
*Put up a poster- you can print one off here or contact me for a ready printed one.
*Make a donation to help us compete with the massive resources of the 3 main parties.
*Volunteer to leaflet your street or area- contact me very soon if you would like to do this.
*Help us canvass- we are constantly out and about knocking on peoples doors, talking to them about problems in their area and asking them to vote Green. If you are interested in doing this we can give you “on the job” training, and you can work with an experienced canvasser until you feel confident to have a go by yourself.
But probably the best way you can help is to talk to your friends and neighbours about why you are voting Green. Help us to overcome our stereotype of being a “single issue party” and tell people “I’m voting Green because I don’t want the creeping privatisation of the NHS to continue” or “I’m voting Green because I want our troops brought home as soon as possible” or “I’m voting Green because we need to create a million new jobs to build a sustainable future”.

Sheffield City College is now graced with 3 wind turbines, to go with the pv solar panels on the tower that have been working for a while. The next stage of the development is now underway with the demolition of D and E blocks and the old bridge across Granville Road, that will create space for the landscaping and new pond. Further details about the new building here.

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