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Posted on Tuesday 15th December 2009

Seasons Greetings from the Border Agency

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This card gets my vote for the most inappropriate of the season- unless you dear readers, can show me something worse! I wonder if anyone at the Borders Agency realises that the baby Jesus was a refugee, fleeing from the murdering dictator Herod. The line that really gets me is “We have a tougher enforcement regime within the UK deporting a record number of foreign National prisoners”. If Mary, Joseph and Jesus came to seek sanctuary today they would most likely be locked up in Yarlswood for several months and then booted back to Palestine. Talking of Yarlswood, last week Santa tried to deliver presents to the many children that are currently locked up there. Instead of going down the chimney he rang in advance and knocked on the front door. Unfortunately they would not let him in, and called the police instead as they thought Santa was a security risk! Read the full story here. So here’s wishing everybody at the Border Agency a very happy Christmas, and hoping that some of this “peace and goodwill to all” may be catching.

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