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Posted on Tuesday 6th October 2009

Privatisation to blame for station barriers

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This press release is on the Sheffield Green Party website, but the Star has managed to miss out the bit about privatisation!

Privatisation blamed for Station bridge row

1st October 2009

Sheffield Green Party have blamed the privatisation of the rail network for the controversial proposal to prevent free access across the bridge at Sheffield Station. East Midlands Trains has applied to Sheffield City Council for Listed Building Consent to install ticket barriers there.

Coun Jillian Creasy, who represents Central ward, commented, “After all these years of Labour Government we still have a privatised rail network which is more concerned about shareholders profits than providing an integrated transport system.

“The Transport Minister Lord Adonis has failed to intervene in this dispute. He has the power to resolve this situation if he chose to listen to the elected representatives in Sheffield, all of whom remain opposed to East Midlands Trains’ plans. The Green Party would nationalise the railways and ensure that public transport was a more attractive option than the car.”

Residents Against Station Closure and local Green Party campaigner Graham Wroe added, “There is massive public support for the campaign to stop the barriers. These people should now write to Howard Baxter, Sheffield City Council Planning Division Howden House 1 Union Street Sheffield S1 2SH,quoting the reference 09/02887/LBC.

“This can also be done on-line and you will find links and advice on how to do this at and


One Response to Privatisation to blame for station barriers

  1. Anonymous says:

    The daft thing about this is that the government specified the East Midlands Trains franchise contract, including the ticket barriers, yet Sheffield Labour MPs blame the train company! talk about joined up government …

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