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Posted on Wednesday 16th September 2009

Elm Street Police Station to re open.

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Good news in the Star tonight- the little police station on City Road is planned to re-open.
Elm Tree police station, at Manor Top, Sheffield, was closed down years ago after it was set on fire. The neglected station became a magnet for youths and addicts. But the whole story rather begs the question why was the station allowed to fall into such misuse in the first place? Surely it is obvious that one of the most deprived estates in the country needs its police stations?
To create safer neighbourhoods we need police patrolling our streets and engaging in crime prevention.

Here are some of the other things on the Greens wish list concerning crime.

• Look to establish restorative justice as a key feature of the UK criminal justice system. The primary aim will be to restore and, if necessary, improve the position of the victim and the community; the offender will be required to make amends.
• Improve the design of our cities to provide safer streets and public spaces.
• Ensure universal access to high quality youth centres to provide an outlet for young people outside of school hours.
• Bring in a Civil Law Injunction Programme (CLIP) to more effectively deal with anti-social behaviour.
• Oppose any further privatisation of the prison system, as it is vital that where custody is used it is effective in preventing offenders from re-offending.

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