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Posted on Sunday 23rd August 2009

The truth about the BNP

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I don’t often read the News of the World, but they are to be congratulated for this excellent piece of investigative journalism. Reporting on what was going on inside the BNP “family day” in Derbyshire last weekend, the reporter witnessed the burning of a gollywog, nazi salutes, and out and out racism.
Our new MEP, andrew Brons, was among the culprits. He used his stint in the political tent to compare Muslims to SMALLPOX during his speech. He declared: “I’m less concerned about the presence of mosques than the presence of the people that use them. Being worried about the presence of a particular mosque is almost like looking at a disease like smallpox and saying it’s a problem with spots.”

We must continue to challenge the BNP. Not only must we support groups like Unite against Fascism, but we must campaign in the housing estates and areas where the BNP are making progress, showing that our policies will reduce poverty, create useful jobs and improve the country, not just for white people but for everyone in our multi cultural society. If you’d like to help in this task, please get in touch.

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