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Posted on Friday 14th August 2009

Join a Union!

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My Union UCU have just produced this short video encouraging people to join a Union.

Meanwhile the Green Sheffield Councillors have persuaded the Council to investigate the idea of introducing a “Living Wage”. This would mean all Council employees would be paid an hourly rate above the minimum wage. It would be funded by reducing the salaries of the highest earners.

A Living Wage is already paid to thousands of workers in London and is being implemented in Glasgow and Leeds. The Sheffield Greens are asking officers to find what the living wage would be in Sheffield, calculated as £7.09 per hour outside London but dependant on the cost of accommodation amongst other things. Officers will then draw up a report on how that could be implemented in council.

For the full story see the Sheffield Green Party website. Click here to find out more about the Minimum Income Standard for Britain and use the on-line calculator to see if you earn above the minimum. To see how the Greens are successfully campaigning for a Living Wage around the country see the Green Party website

I am very proud to belong to a political party with such good social policies. It’s such a shame that other parties can still get away with calling us a “one issue” party when the truth is we have policies on just about everything! (see the Manifesto for a Sustainable Society for our full policy document)I would be very interested to hear of any topics readers think are not covered by our policies!

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