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Posted on Thursday 23rd July 2009

American jobs for British wind turbines!

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Here in Sheffield there is much concern about further job losses in the steel industry. How could we increase demand for steel to safegard these jobs? The answer is quite simple- invest in the massive increase in wind turbines that we need to produce our electricity without further adding to climate change. So what are the Government doing? They are letting the one wind turbine factory in the UK, Vestas on the Isle of Wight, go to the wall! Instead of nationalising it (as they have shown is possible with the banks) they are quite happy to see this vital plant closed and import the wind turbines we need from other countries, particularly the US. There is currently an occupation at the factory. I wish the workers there every success in their campaign. Wake up Gordon Brown, if we are going to create thousands of Green jobs as you promise, surely saving the jobs of the Vestas workers is the first place to start.
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