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Posted on Saturday 18th July 2009

Station Bridge birthday party

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Despite the terrible weather we had a successful celebration of the 7th anniversary since the conception of the new footbridge at Sheffield Station. The street theatre was amazing, and had a happy ending, not with the death of EMT management (even though spikes had been pushed through the box they were in) but with a dramatic change of heart. Lets hope the real EMT management have a similar conversion soon. The news that barriers have not been allowed at York should give us hope.

Many thanks to everyone who turned up despite the rain and all the organisers.If you are a RASC supporter please consider helping RASC financially as we need funds to book rooms, organise future demos, distribute leaflets etc.

There are lots of pics here.

RASC has a new leaflet. Please print some off and give to your friends or place on a noticeboard somewhere.

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