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Posted on Monday 29th June 2009

Party at the Station

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The next station protest is in the form of a Party to Celebrate the station refurbishment.We are really pleased to have what Lord Adonis says is one of the best stations in the country. It’s such a shame that East Midlands Trains are again preventing us using it with their human barriers.

Station Protest Friday 17th July 5.00pm
Come to a party!
It is 7 years since the footbridge was first conceived and to mark the occasion we are having a birthday celebration, to which you are invited.
There will be a huge birthday cake, music and street theatre with top of the bill and star performer, the one and only…Tim Shoveller!
We look forward to seeing you. Please tell your friends too. If you would like to offer entertainment, please get in touch.

Did you know that the Sheffield Town Council of 1870 was so concerned at the construction of the train station and it’s propensity to divide the eastern side of the town from the town centre, that they insisted public access across the bridge be preserved across the railway site? One could argue that the construction of the 2002 footbridge is the 21st Century response to access for all.

Please come to the RASC AGM at 7.00pm on 7th July at Victoria Centre.

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