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Posted on Sunday 14th June 2009

Meet your new MEP

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This is who the good people of Yorkshire have elected as one of their representatives in Europe. Guardian article about Andrew Brons. I wonder how many of the voters realised exactly what the BNP stands for-I am ashamed that our region has elected a fascist. It could have been so much better if just a few more people had voted Green instead- then we would have the politics of hope, not hate. Caroline Lucas would rather forget the BNP and concentrate on the planet. I think if our positive manifesto had been given the publicity it deserved, instead of being lost in the mire of MP’s expenses scandals, the result could have been much better. I have spoken to people who supported UKIP/BNP and they did it because they are worried about jobs and wanted to send a protest to the MP’s in Westminster. How much more effective that protest would have been if it had been for Greens who want to create a million new green jobs.

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