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Posted on Wednesday 3rd June 2009

Vote Green tomorrow.

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Sorry I’ve been so quiet recently- our phone line got broken so haven’t been able to blog for a while. But it’s been repaired just in time to remind you to vote Green in tomorrows European elections. Here’s a little video that explains the voting system very well- it’s aimed at the North West region, but in Yorkshire we are facing a similar battle- and with the collapse in popularity of the big 3 parties, anything could happen tomorrow.

Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party, was in Sheffield recently for “Any Questions”. She stopped by to support our campaign to keep the station open to the public. There has been an interesting development in the barrier campaign. EMT have contributed £15000 for a feasibility study looking at redeveloping the current service bridge to act as a new pedestrian bridge. This will cost in the region of £1.5 million if it goes ahead. Personally I don’t think this would be a good use of public money when there is already a perfectly good bridge. Surely EMT can find a better way to catch fare dodgers than blocking the bridge completely to non train travellers. There is a new poll on the Council website that asks you to choose between 3 options- keep the current bridge open, let EMT go ahead with barriers and issue residents passes, or redevelop the service bridge. Please vote for the first option! 3700 people have already done this, 94% of the vote.

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