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Posted on Monday 18th May 2009

Green opinion poll hopes

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Great news today on the opinion poll front-see the Green Party website
Many people are supporting our practical politics and an interesting coalition is building to ensure the Greens beat the BNP, keeping the fascists out of Europe.

The Star campaign on the station continues, with this interesting article. Its a bit harsh on the good people of Dore, many of whom I am sure are very willing to pay for tickets if the train companies provided the staff to collect them! As Geraldine reiterates in the article, no one is objecting to the train companies ensuring that they collect their fares- indeed, for the good of the railway service, we wish they would get their act together and collect them. However this doesn’t mean they need to inconvenience the 2500 non rail travellers that use the station everyday (according to a recent SYTPE survey.)
This comment from “Dore resident” is very telling.
“We are actually quite frustrated by the ongoing humiliation that we have to go through on daily basis, thanks to the inadequate management from Northern Rail. The trains are often late or cancelled with very sporadic announcements, and we are unable to buy tickets on the train due to the short distance between Dore and Sheffield. Every morning we get off the train with concern that we may not be able to present our tickets at the station, if we were asked to do so. The after-work train to Dore leaves from Sheffield at 5.15 pm which renders it impossible for a great majority of us (working till 5pm) to purchase the ticket to Dore from the Sheffield train station in a timely manner.”

It is high time the station authorities put a stop to this nonsense and found a way to collect all the fares without destroying the open station which used to be one of the things that made Sheffield great.

I have written my speech for the demo on Wednesday and am looking forward to seeing what happens. A large crowd are expected, so please come and join us. 5pm, front of station. We will cross the bridge!

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