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Posted on Thursday 14th May 2009

Rail privatisation has failed the public.

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Last night Sheffield Green Party passed the following resolution.
“Sheffield Green Party supports the use of non violent direct action to assert our right to walk across the bridge at Sheffield Station, which was paid for with £7 million pounds of public money.” Councillor Rob Murphy has also written to the press supporting the campaign, but explaining how the Green Party policies differ from the other two parties, whose privatisation policies got us in this mess in the first place. Many Green Party supporters will be attending the demonstration on Wednesday 20th at 5pm.

Dear Sir,

I would like to make clear that the Green Party completely oppose the gating of the footbridge at Sheffield Railway Station. However unlike the other parties represented on the City Council we believe the problem is a result of the government’s policy of handing control of public services over to private companies. That a private company can stop the people of Sheffield using a bridge that has been paid for with taxpayers money, is a disgrace.
Once again rail privatisation has failed the public. Government subsidy of the railways has grown massively, fares continue to rise faster than inflation, and ticket prices are a confusing mess. The government has even been forced to buy new rolling stock for the train operators (Who find it more profitable to run overcrowded trains than to invest in extra carriages and passenger comfort).
The actions of East Midland Trains are damaging to Sheffield and it’s public transport system, but that has little meaning to a large private company aiming for maximum profit from it’s franchise. It is time for government to act, to prevent the gating of the walkway and to work towards regaining public ownership and control of our rail network.

Yours sincerely,

Cllr Rob Murphy (Sheffield Green Party Transport Spokesperson)

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