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Posted on Friday 1st May 2009

Ubaka released!

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Very pleased to be able to report that Ubaka and his family have been released from Yarlswood and are returning to Sheffield.Many thanks to everyone that signed the petition or wrote to Jacqui Smith. The fight isn’t over yet as they could be detained again at any time, but at least for now the family is reunited. Keep an eye on the CDAS website for further information, or join the Facebook group at
Park Hill

Park Hill is in the news again and will be featured on the BBC2 programme English Heritage tonight at 9pm- might be worth seeing it on i player if you missed it. Having lived in the (now demolished) big block of Hyde Park flats, I have always remained a supporter of Park Hill, but was disappointed with the lack of green features in the refurbishment plans.(see previous posts)
This is how the Star reports it.
The tv programme has some interesting insights into the relationship between English Heritage, Urban Splash and the City Council.But it ends pessimistically, with no clear way forward to Urban Splashes current credit crunch crisis. Now this much progress has been made it would seem madness for the Government not to ensure that the project can be completed.The best clip in the programme is when Richard Caborn MP appears behind a lamp post to hijack the visit of minister Rosie Winterton, to show her the importance of the footbridge over the rail station.This must be the best publicity that the campaign to keep the station bridge open have achieved, and can’t have pleased East Midlands Trains who weren’t given a chance to justify their unpopular and undemocratic plans to close the bridge.

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