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Posted on Tuesday 24th March 2009

Blowing in the wind

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Today’s announcement from the RSPB that they will not contest windfarm developments that are not in “sensitive” areas is to be warmly welcomed. As the windiest country in Europe we should not be in the relegation zone with one of the lowest contributions to the energy mix from windpower. I am on record as advocating Skye Edge, in my own “backyard” as an excellent site for a windfarm. We have got to start winning the arguments against the Nimby’s because climate change isn’t just threatening our view, it is threatening the very survival of most of the species on the planet- and among those I include humankind. Included in the nimby’s is Hillsborough MP Angela Smith, who has just launched an objection to the Sheephouse Heights windfarm proposal on the Barnsley/ Sheffield border.She reminds me of the woman on the Age of Stupid, who after winning her battle against a wind farm, was asked if she cares about climate change. “Of course I do” she lied, smiling all over her face. So now with the support of the RSPB, perhaps the UK will start to climb out of the relegation zone of wind power electricity production.

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