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Posted on Saturday 28th February 2009

Station Protest

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Here’s a selection of photos from Fridays march. Thanks to for these. Many thanks to all who came. It was a very successful protest, and was good to see a good representation from all 3 political parties, Labour, Lib Dem and Greens, as well as the local residents group RASC. We got coverage on Look North, Radio Sheffield, Sheffield Star and Radio Hallam. (anywhere else?) Special thanks to Chris McMahon for his splendid renditions of Another Brick in the Wall and This Bridge is Our Bridge! Thanks to to all the organisers. Work now starts on the next protest- and another motion goes to full council on Wednesday proposing an all party delegation to see Geoff Hoon, the Transport Minister. With all the Sheffield MP’s opposing this I can’t see why they can’t persuade him to step in and alter the franchise so that EMT don’t have to install the barriers. If you haven’t yet signed the petition to Geoff Hoon, please do so now. It is currently on 1157 signatures.

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