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Posted on Wednesday 25th February 2009

Put away your weapons.

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I am very concerned by the story on the front page of today’s Star, Riot cops at school. What is even more concerning are the provocative comments that follow the article. It is clear that some people are eager to provoke violence. I am very happy to live on a multi cultural street. It is one of the things that makes this part of Sheffield so good. We must ensure that those trying to stir up violence are put in there place. An eye for an eye leads to the whole world going blind. Youth of Manor and Darnall, please be sensible- put away your weapons, keep calm. If you have witnessed incidents, report what you saw to the police. But don’t try and get revenge, that will only make things far worse.

On a much happier note, there is good coverage on the plans for Sheaf Valley Park in the Yorkshire Post. I would like to say a big thank you to the hard working Friends group that have got us this far. It will be exciting to see how the park develops. It makes the campaign against barriers at the station even more important, because what will be the point of a city centre park if you can’t walk to it through the station? Office workers in the city centre need green spaces to escape to in the lunch hour. They wouldn’t have time to walk right round Park Square, but could use the train footbridge if it’s not cordoned off with barriers. Lets get a good turnout for the protest on Friday!

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