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Posted on Wednesday 18th February 2009

City Road "Placemaking" workshops

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I had a letter today thanking me for my involvement in the City Road Placemaking Workshops.Unfortunately this was not very well publicised, so lots of people missed it. If you want to be kept informed about what is being planned for the City Road area I suggest you contact Alex Shilkoff and /or Colin Barnes

The letter says “So much information came out of the workshops that we have quite a bit of analysis to do to make sure that the future plans reflect the themes and ideas that came out of the workshop sessions.It seems that there is the opportunity for lots of small changes that would make a big difference overall. Also a strong theme of having activities and events happening to get people out and about and mixing with neighbours came through.”
Also enclosed in the letter was a postcard advertising this new site with some interesting photography of some of the characters in our area.

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