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Posted on Thursday 8th January 2009

More publicity for Station campaign

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Forge Today an on-line magazine for Sheffield students, have published an article about the station campaign.

There has also been further publicity in the Star, with Action Desk editor David Walsh saying the issue is about to explode in 2009. He may be right as EMT still seem resolute to press ahead with the barriers despite the united opposition of all the political parties on the Council, the local residents, SYPTE, the Civic Trust, Urban Splash and disabled groups like Sheffield Transport 4 all. People are now very angry with East Midlands Trains inability to recognise that they have made a mistake. Rail Journal Chief Executive Anthony Smith recently commented “Clearly it (gating) is not going to work in Sheffield, and they should just drop it, get it out of the franchise. It was daft. It was wrong”. The next Residents Against Station Closure meeting is at Victoria Methodist Church, Stafford Road on Tuesday 13th January at 6.30pm. Please come along with ideas on how we can increase the pressure on East Midlands Trains to change their mind. If you haven’t yet signed the petition to Geoff Hoon, please do so now, and get your friends to sign too.

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